Ghastly Fish

Freelance Artist


soft cell shading$80 USD FULL BODY (you choose the pose)$70 per extra charactersolid color backgroundInterested? Get in touch!

Flat Colors$70 USD FULL BODY (you choose the pose)$60 per extra charactersolid color backgroundInterested? Get in touch!


Once you have read over the " TOS " and " Process " send me a DM thorugh twitter or email [email protected]

I will not draw the following:
Anything Political
Minors or characters that resemble minors
In the case of feral animals,
I will only draw them as SFW
I reserve the right to reject any commission if I
feel uncomfortable making it.

Commissioning NSFW
you are acknowledging you are 18+ of age and of legal age in your country of residence to be commissioning such art.

COPYRIGHT / USAGE POLICYThe ArtistYou grant me permission to promote myself with the art piece.Display it on social media, etc.The buyer:can not be used as NFTsyou may use the art piece for personal use.If commercial use is required please let me know in the beginningcredit is not necessary but very appreciated

REFUND / CANCELLATION POLICYThe buyer is not allowed a refund once I start working on the commission.If for any reason I am unable to start your commission you will receive a full
If you cancel your order before I started it, you can get a full refund.If you are getting a refund, do not request a Paypal chargeback.
I will transfer the money back to you myself.

Orderingcontact me through Email
([email protected])
or Twitter DM
send me a brief summary of your character along with their reference.
describe or attach images of the pose you would like.
Allow 1 to 4 days to confirm there is a free slot.once confirmed you have 4 days to pay the comission in full or at least 50%, otherwise you´ll lose your spot

The art processStage 1: thumbnail:based on your description,
I will make 3 low detail sketches from which you can choose from.

Stage 2: lineartonce the sketch is selected, the line art will be cleaned up and another review will take place for adjustments or changes.

Stage 3: coloronce line art is approved, color is applied and a final review takes place for any changes or modifications

DeliveryThe time it takes to finish your commission varies from 1 week - 1 monthTimes may vary greater if complications arise due to health or technical issues,
you will be informed if any extraordinary issues arise
Once the art is paid in full you will be sent the following files to your email:PSD
Note: I will do my best to keep a backup file of your art, but once the art is in your possession, it is your responsibility to keep the file safe, I don't guarantee I'll continue to have the file in the future.